The Team

We are a team of runners, must of whom have been affected directly or indirectly by childhood cancer.
We share the same desire to invest ourselves to provide to kids and adolescents currently being treated those precious little moments of escape from the daily grind and to support their families.

Why do we run ?

By running we wish to help kids and adolescents with cancer go through this ordeal without having to forsake what makes them tick and what is specific to childhood : dream, play, discover new horizons, surpass themselves, have fun, …
We also want, despite the disease, to further stimulate kids’ curiosity and to develop their talents and strengthen their self esteem.

As runners we raise funds :
– for projects that improve the quality of life of kids and adolescents with cancer during and after their treatments;
– to purchase “wellbeing” medical equipment that improve treatments, minimise certain secondary effects and reduce pain but are not reimbursed by the social security;
– for fun and didactic activities, creative workshops and relaxing breaks at the hospital.

To help kids, it is important to also support their families. We hence fund projects to help their siblings and parents.