Our 2017 Projects

Full redesign and refurbishment of refurbishment of a treatment and well-being room (UC Saint-Luc)

We financed a new treatment and well-being room within the Unit 82 (Child Rooms). The objective was to provide to hospitalised kids and adolescents with cancer, a relaxing, comfortable and attractive environment in order to reduce stress levels during sometimes heavy and invasive treatments.

The treatment and well-being room is also used to provide beauty treatment for adolescents, whose physical appearance has been impacted by the illness.
Massage therapists also provide well-being massages there, targeted at reducing stress and anxiety levels and at having a positive impact on pain levels and side effects of treatments.
Physiotherapists can work there to reduce side effects of the illness and treatments, within a quiet environment and with the appropriate equipment.

Project 100% Completed

Acquisition of new evaluation tests for a better logopedic and neuropsychologic follow-up (UC Saint-Luc)

We financed the acquisition of a new set of evaluation tests for a better logopedic and neuropsychologic follow-up (attention, concentration, memory and reasoning) et logopedic (speech, reading, spelling, calculus).
The objective is to limit as much as possible the effects of the disease and the treatments and minimise their impact on schooling, social integration and future quality of life of young patients.

Project 100% Completed

Funding for the year 2017 of the support group for parents having lost a child (UC Saint-Luc)

The support group was created by a mother at UC Saint-Luc who sadly lost her child to cancer and who at the time did not find the support she needed. The support group is facilitated by two psychologists and a coordinator and participation is limited exclusively to families having lost a child who was treated within the pediatric hematology and oncology ward of UC Saint-Luc. The support group meets once a quarter. Families can take part as long as they wish to.
We wanted to make sure that the cost of the support group would be met for 2017 to ensure its continuity.

Project 100% Completed