You don’t want to run ? Then sponsor a runner !

Every extra Euro will further motivate the runners during the 20km of Brussels race on Sunday May 27, 2018, knowing that it will help make life better for kids and adolescents with cancer !

Support the runners and one of our philanthropic projects by making a donation on the account of the 20km of Hope at the King Baudouin Foundation.

BE10 0000 0000 0404   (BIC : BPOTBEB1)
Add the following communication in the “communication libre” field: 
125 / 0015 / 00157 + Runner’s first and last name, if you want to help support the Garden, the Beads of Courage and the Virtual Reality goggles (projects at CU Saint-Luc)
125 / 0015 / 00258 + Runner’s first and last name, if you want to help support the Musical Therapy (project at UZ Leuven)

Don’t forget to mention the runner’s first and last name so we can notify him of your support!

The Foundation King Baudouin is collaborating with us for the 20km of Hope adventure. Gifts made to the Foundation of above 40 Euros per year are entitled to a 45% tax deduction of the gift amount  (art. 145/33 CIR). The official tax deduction certificate is sent by the Foundation in February of the following year (i.e. 2019).

Thanks for your generosity !